Parker VS68NTA-4-2 Brass 1/4" Tube X 1/8" NPT Straight Air Brake Male Connector Adapter Fitting Lot of 8

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This Listing is for a Lot of 8 Adapter Fittings.

  • Brass 1/4" Tube X 1/8" NPT Straight Male Connector Adapter Fitting
  • Adapter Type: Air Brake Male Connector 
  • End 1 :  1/4" Tube Compression 
  • End 2 Style: 1/8" NPT Male 
  • Material: Brass
  • Meets D.O.T. FMVSS 571.106 specification
  • Manufacturer: Parker Hannifin
  • Model Number: Air Brake Male Connector 
  • Part Number: VS68NTA-4-2
  • Also Known As: Eaton Weatherhead 1468X4X2
  • A68-4-2, BA12-09923, BE283137, CCIVS68NTA42, CITH268C, CI468-42, CN468-42, CN6842, COTH268C, CP468-42, CP68NTA4-2, EV6668C, FFNY68-4-2, FF68-4-2, FZNY68-4-2, G32100-0402, IC4468F04X02, IE4-468-F, 04X02, IVS68NTA42, KVS68NTA-4-2, L.016842, MI11228, M1337, NH1468X4, NY68-4-2, OB1468-4, PB68NTA-4-2, PDCN6842, PHVS68NTA-4-2, PH12-8304, PH68NTA-4-2, PKKVS68NTA-4-2, PKVS68NTA-4-2, PK1468X4, PQKVS68NTA-4-2, PQVS68NTA-10-8, PQVS68NTA-4-2, PQ68PMT-4-2, SP68NTA-4-2, SRVS68NTA-4-2, SVS768AB-4-2, S68NTA-4-2, S68-4-2, S768AB-4-2,, TH268C, TV1168-4A, VEL.016842, VE016842, VL016842, VS68NTA-10-8, VS68NTA-4-2, VV016842, WE1468X4, WH1468X4, WH1468X4X2, WR1468X4, ZY1468X4, 012017, 016842, 11228, 1168-4A, 1168-4A-R, 12-09923, 12-8304, 1368X4, 1368-4A, 1368-4A-R, 1468X4, 1468X4X2, 205127N, 268C, 283137, 440771-131280, 4468F04X02, 468-42, 6668C, 68AB42, 68NTA-4-2, 68PMT-4-2, 8-4-2